Dangerous Plant To Be Removed From Your Home Right Now

The dangerous plant can be the herb that you don’t expect to be dangerous at all. Even though we love to add some plants to our home whether for decoration or some medical needs, we need to be more careful about are choices of the plants.

Dangerous plant

The truth is that Dumb Canes are poisonous, however we can say they almost never kill any humans or animals. Some parts of the plant have lots of microscope calcium oxalate crystals. When some unfortunate person consumes some of these parts of the plant, that person might end up with q swollen mouth.

Dangerous plant

This dangerous plant can cause some swelling and if it goes so badly and it can cause the victims to go silent and incapable to talk. This is how the common name of Dumb Cane came from.
It very rare for this plant to kill a person, however it does cause some very unpleasant side effects. A hefty amount of pain can go with it in the same dumb package. Avoid contact with someone who has this plant at home and if you do, wash it off before you accidentally rub your eye or somewhere equally unfortunate.

If you can see past this weakness you are in for a treat because Dieffenbachias have some of the most beautiful mix of green / white / yellow foliage you will ever find on an indoor plant.

The last big plus point is that it’s also fantastic at regenerating if you mess up too much and have to start over.

Dangerous Toxins

Some plants can be hazardous because of the dangerous or even poisonous substances in them. One of them being Dieffenbachia or commonly called “dumb canes”. This plant contains this dangerous toxin called raphides. While this toxin in small doses may not be harmful to adults, it definitely causes problems for kids. Doctors are claiming that more than 70% of hospitalized patients are kids under the age of 5.

Unfortunately, tragedy has struck one poor family. The mother is advising all parents to be very careful about their plants and placements at home. “I have recently lost my angel of 3 years, who mistakenly swallowed leaf of this poisonous plant, her tongue swelled to keep in breathing and to her death. This poisonous plant snatched my daughter so I am warning everyone to not keep this and similar plants of having same poisoning characteristics at home else it can cost life of your loved one”

If induced in high doses, death at kids can happen within 1 minute or 15 for adults.

Get rid of this plant

Should you choose to get this plant or you maybe already have it, try separating it from the other or putting in a higher position out of hands reach. Dieffenbachia is known for its tolerance of shade and won’t die or anything like that. Even rubbing the plant or eye contact can cause severe inflammations and more serious conditions.

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