Researchers are racing to find the COVID-19 vaccine. Three potential COVID-19 vaccines showed positive results in initial testing in China and the United States (US).

However, further testing to prove this vaccine works is still needed. The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology said China’s CanSino Biologics has now begun the second phase of testing its vaccine candidates.

In addition, the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc. also conducts testing similar to CanSino. The first person to receive an experimental vaccine last month returned to the Seattle clinic earlier this week to make a second dose.

Head of NIH infectious disease, dr. Anthony Fauci said that so far there were no problems during COVID-19 vaccine testing. He hopes the next larger testing phase can begin around June 2020.

The third candidate from Inovio Pharmaceuticals, also began giving experimental tests for the first safety test last week in the US. They hope to expand their studies to China.

Initial vaccine testing focuses on safety. Researchers in both countries tried several doses of different types of vaccines. But in the second phase there are important steps that allow the vaccine to be tested on more people.

The aim is to look for signs that this vaccine can protect against infection. Last week, CanSino submitted a report to enroll 500 people in further research. They want to compare the two doses of the vaccine with an artificial injection.

Fauci said that if COVID-19 was widespread during the summer and fall, it was possible to complete a larger study. He estimates that this research can be completed a little sooner than the predicted 12 to 18 months.

“Please let me say this research assuming an effective vaccine. This will be a big problem if the vaccine must be effective and safe, “Fauci explained, as reported by Fox News.

Fauci, a renowned infectious disease expert in the US government, said his country did not yet have the critical testing and tracking procedures needed to start reopening the country’s economy.

“We have to have something that is efficient and we can count on, and we haven’t reached that stage,” Fauci added.

In some parts of Europe where infections and deaths have stabilized, this process is already underway. Certain businesses and industries have been allowed to be reopened in politicians to balance public health.

During a press conference in China, authorities warned that vaccine studies must be carried out properly. This was revealed by Biopharmaceutical Expert from China, Wang Junzhi.

“Even though we are in a state of emergency, we cannot reduce safety and effectiveness standards in vaccine review. The public is paying great attention,” Wang Junzhi said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) this week counted more than five dozen other vaccine candidates who were in the early stages of development. This development is being carried out throughout the world.

Many research groups work together to speed up work. Vaccine giant companies such as Sanofi and GSK participated to partner with a candidate. In the WHO list there are many ways to make a vaccine.

Therefore, if one approach does not work, hopefully other research will succeed. For your information, the vaccine made by CanSino is based on genetic engineering injections they made to protect humans from Ebola.

While leading US research candidates use a different approach. They make a vaccine from a copy of a corona virus genetic code.

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