Seeing the rapid spread of the corona virus (Covid-19), actress Sarah Hyland reminded kidney sufferers to always be vigilant.

As quoted by Womenshealthmag, Sarah was born with a condition of kidney gisplasia or part of her kidney is not fully formed.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) guidelines, he needs 16 operations throughout his life, including 2 kidney transplants, one from his father in 2012 and one from his brother in 2017, because his body initially refused .

In his IG-story, he tells what worries him about Covid-19.

“I once talked to a (kidney) transplant patient I met at a music festival, and he is a transplant patient who goes outpatient, and really doesn’t receive the care he needs as a transplant patient,” he said.

“Though they are the most vulnerable to Covid-19. Why? Because according to existing research, Covid-19 is targeting immunocompromists (people whose immune systems are declining),” said the Manhattan actress.

What can be done?

For patients with kidney disorders, they are usually prescribed immunosuppressant drugs, which are drugs that weaken the immune system.

“As you are at home and people around him wandering around without knowing whether they have been in contact with a virus or not, it is quite stressful. I am also vulnerable to stress,” he said.

Therefore, Hyland said he plans to stay at home until conditions are under control. Coupled with people in his house, who understand the conditions, including himself always maintain personal hygiene and spray sanitizer.

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