An interesting review on the blog of the former Minister of BUMN, Dahlan Iskan. He discussed the Covid-19 drug developed by China. The unique name of this drug at a glance resembles a flavor enhancer namely Carrimycin.

Dahlan wrote, Carrimycin is a new drug that has been used in 9 hospitals in 9 cities in China.

“In the nine hospitals, clinical trials have also been carried out. Since the beginning of February, there were 500 more volunteers. Those aged between 18 and 70 years,” he said, in the Disway blog.

“All volunteers of the trial must be sufferers of Covid-19. They are divided into many groups. There are age groups. There are sex groups. There are also stages of illness: mild, moderate and severe,” he said.

Of course, this statement makes anyone curious. Especially in the midst of a Covid-19 corona outbreak like this, everyone would want to know the ability of drugs that can solve this disease.

The drug has been tested since last February

And sure enough, the page of the US National Library of Medicine noted that this Carrimycin drug was in the process of clinical trials and was registered since 27 February. That is, this drug is being tested in several Covid-19 patients. And soon, if this is successful, China will certainly produce massively.

“A coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) induced by a coronavirus novel (SARS-CoV-2) in December 2019 has become epidemic in Wuhan. This can lead to epidemic risks in the world. Because COVID-19 is an emerging infectious disease, and has not yet been scientifically recognized and there is no effective drug for treatment at this time.Therefore, we will launch a scientific project “The efficacy and safety of Carrimycin treatment in 520 patients with clinically stratified COVID-19,” the researchers wrote, as quoted by Clinicaltrials. gov.

According to information in the research proposal, this study is predicted to be completed in February 2020.

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