Experts and trainers reveal the best advices and tips for exercise. Regular exercise is a challenge for many people, so try some of these tips and include the tips you liked the most in your daily workouts.

Exercise effectively

The best trainer in the world brings the three advices that will help you to quickly achieve an outstanding level of fitness, but also strengthen your body:

Exercise of power – only 20 minutes per day would be enough to strengthen the whole body.

Interval training – in its simplest form, it is an alternation of walking and running.

Aerobic exercises – spend 60 minutes doing aerobic exercises every day with low intensity such as walking. You can increase the intensity when you notice you have increased your stamina.

Set realistic goals

Don’t crave for perfection and don’t have unrealistic goals. Instead, focus on what you can really achieve. In other words, don’t worry if you can’t run a marathon. Start slowly and increase the number of your goals according to your abilities.

Exercise with friends

Find a friend or relative with who you love to spend time. On this way you will encourage each other to adopt healthier habits.

Exercise together and take advantage of every opportunity for an exchange of experiences and skills. Something that is easy for you, to another person can be difficult. You may not be on the same level of fitness, but that’s not a reason to not exercise together.

Synchronize your obligations

Too busy to exercise? It is time to adjust your obligations to your exercises. For daily exercise you only need a floor.
Do exercises that will stimulate muscle work on problematic parts. Exercise as much as you can or as your time permits. All in all, you can exercise while watching TV, for what you very likely always find time.

Be happy

Choose a physical activity that you enjoy. If you don’t like lifting weights, don’t go to the gym. If you want to be in nature, ride a bike, take a long walk or run in nature. If you like dancing, dance every day.

The possibilities are endless, so it’s important to choose a physical activity that you enjoy because it is the only way the exercise to become an integral part of your life.

Set a schedule for exercise

Try to exercise in that period in which you have most energy. If you’re a morning person, exercise in the morning. If you have energy in the evening, then exercise in the evening.

Regardless of the time of day, exercise positively influence on your health. Choose a time when you have most energy and start exercising.

Consult an expert

This is especially important for beginners. An advice from experts will help you to determine critical points at which you can start to work.

The key is to perform the exercises correctly, because otherwise you can harm your body. If you’re not sure how to exercise or where to start, be sure to consult an expert.

Stay inspired

Exercising is a state of mind. One great way to stay inspired is by participation in various discussions with people who also exercise, for example on forums.

If that doesn’t inspire you enough, define yourself short-term goals. In this way you will stay inspired and you will get a feeling of control over your own mind and body.

Be patient

If you decide to follow these steps, there are always good and bad days. It is important to be patient and don’t give up.

In the end, don’t exercise for somebody else, but only for yourself – for your physical and mental health.

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