Isolating yourself at home during the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic does not mean you are just sleeping. It is better to keep doing activities that are beneficial, both physically and mentally.

As performed by the artist Cinta Laura. Through his personal Instagram account, @claurakiehl, he related his activities while isolating himself.

“During this time of self-isolation, I feel grateful for finally having the time to catch up on my reading! 📚

Don’t forget to sunbathe outside for 10-15 minutes every day! #dirumahaja #bersamal intervieworona #kiehlers #cintalaurakiehl, “Cinta Laura wrote.

As Cinta Laura said, don’t forget to bask in the morning sun, at least 10 to 15 minutes every day. Launch from Lifehack, one of the benefits of basking in the morning sun is to increase the immune system. This is closely related to the corona virus COVID-19.

Because because the disease is self limiting disease, a disease that can heal itself. Fighted with a strong and qualified immune system. Basking in the morning sun mentioned can help suppress the overactive immune system.

Exposure to sunlight in the morning (with the right amount) makes white blood cells increase, these white blood cells play a major role in fighting disease and defending the body against infection.

Explained further, the immune system is dependent on Vitamin D, T cells that function as a front line of defense against disease must be supported by Vitamin D in order to function.

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