The corona virus pandemic COVID-19 has made people around the world maintain the importance of cleanliness. Handwashing habits and ethics of sneezing and coughing are considered to be the right way to prevent transmission of the virus.

Most people consider shoes to be one of the dirtiest and most potentially carrying COVID-19. Is it true?

Launch of the Health Line, Wednesday (04/08/2020), shoes tend to be far dirtier than clothing because of its function. Therefore shoes are more likely to bring bacteria and other viral contaminants into the house.

Nevertheless, experts agree that they are not the source of transmission of COVID-19. Especially if someone treats shoes well. The statement was expressed by an infectious disease specialist, Dr. Kathleen Jordan.

“The function of shoes is as a protective foot. We don’t put our shoes on the kitchen table. We don’t put shoes in our mouths. They are not objects with a high touch area. Everyday has reflected that shoes are dirty things, “explained Jordan.

But one can take additional safety measures to ensure that viruses and bacteria do not enter the home. You do this by cleaning the shoe and leaving it in front of the door.

Emergency Physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, dr. Robert Glatter said that he made a designated area to put used shoes. Namely by putting it well away from the social area at home.

“Take off your shoes and clean them before you enter the house like leaving it in a garage, bathroom, or terrace is highly recommended. This will prevent the virus from entering the house from a simple trip after the grocery store, “explained Glatter.

Furthermore, Glatter advised that people always make sure to clean shoes outside the house or apartment and let them dry naturally.

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