Sleep Well With This Natural Remedy And Never Wake Up Tired Again

To sleep well and to be living in this age or so-called “modern life” can be quite exhausting and it does take a toll on our health. At first, it’s not easily recognizable but it does affect us. The subtle way that our body shows us this is insomnia.

sleep well

Recommended hours of sleep that allow us to get enough rest and recharge are between 7-8 hours. Right now the average sleep we get is barely 6 hours. While we don’t pay attention on this issue at the moment, it still hurts our health a lot. During our long days, our body is working extremely hard to keep up with our activities. Therefore, our body requires the recommended amount of time to recharge and recover.

sleep well

While it seems that lack of sleep is nothing to worry about, it actually is. We wake up exhausted and we think caffeine, sugar or some other substances might help us recharge a bit and keep up. But it is far more dangerous because the lack of sleep has been proven to be a factor or contributor in some of the most serious health conditions. According to studies published in the European Heart Journal in 2011, people with less than 6 hours of sleep are more prone to cardiovascular conditions and suffering from strokes. Distractions on a daily basis, technology, the fast way of living don’t make it easy to get a descent amount of sleep hours.

Sleep Well With Natural Remedy

People are complaining about higher levels of stress caused by things like work-related problems, family issues, and other factors and contributors that didn’t affect past generations. We are also becoming more dependent on technology which greatly affects our sleep cycles without us even seeing it. Even though there are many sleep aids that can be acquired in pharmacies, we recommend you to try the following cure. As always, we don’t give much credit to Mother Nature, yet again she has provided us with a natural cure to this soon to be a common problem.

Homemade insomnia cure.

Required ingredients:

  • 5 teaspoons of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of pink Himalayan Sea salt

While it seems simple, this two-ingredient remedy is the key to getting a goodnight’s sleep. It will help our body relax and recuperate from the day, and prepare itself for the upcoming challenges. Mix the honey and salt together and store them in a glass jar. Put a little bit of this remedy under your tongue every night before you go to sleep and you are done.

The honey and Himalayan sea salt contain more than 80 minerals that help our body in recovering from our daily activities. Honey contains glucose which aids the supply of energy to our body. The combination of honey and salt increases serotonin presence in our body helping us to lower the stress naturally and fall asleep easier.

Try this natural sleep aid and go to sleep, knowing that your body will be ready to face the challenges of the following day.

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