The development of gadget technology with entertaining games, the current generation of children prefers to spend their time off or weekend time with the opiate of playing games that are in their respective gadgets, rather than going outdoors to exercise on weekends.

The benefits of exercise are not only for physical health, but more than that. Discover scientific facts about the positive relationship between exercise and body image, and give your children a stimulus to exercise.

The rest, exercise also has a myriad of benefits for children. Start getting your child to enjoy exercising as early as possible, so that he gets the benefits immediately.

Here are the benefits of exercise for children:

1. Increase intelligence

According to researchers at Michigan State University’s Institute, children who love to exercise are proven to be smarter than those who don’t. They reveal, exercise can help teach children to concentrate on the task, and manage time more effectively.

2. Means of Socialization

Sports can become an instant social network for children. For children who tend to be closed and inferior, exercise can be a good way to increase their confidence and relationships. Sports teams offer friendship and cohesiveness among members.

3. Teach Cooperation

Some types of group sports such as soccer require teamwork to understand the rules, and listen to the coach to perform. Being part of a group and learning to do what is best for the team is one of the benefits of exercising.

4. Increase bone and muscle growth

Sports for children can increase body growth more optimally, because adolescence is a period of growth. Exercise that is done routinely at this time will have a positive impact on growth. During growth, muscles and bones need high activity to be able to grow and develop. Therefore, exercise for children plays an important role in supporting optimal body growth. Having strong bones, can help reduce the risk of bone loss as an adult, and good muscle growth will make the body look more ideal. Choose sports that can increase muscle and bone strength, such as basketball, biking, and swimming.

5. Enhance Body Coordination and Flexibility

A flexible body can help improve performance when exercising and other activities. Sports for children can strengthen muscles, improve coordination and even improve posture. Flexible muscles can help prevent sprains, cramps and back problems that may occur later in life.

6. Build Confidence

Sports can help increase children’s confidence, especially if they can produce an achievement. Sport gives children the opportunity to learn, excel, and think positively about themselves through the development of skills. This physical activity will foster a healthy self-image and positive self-assessment.

7. More Sportive

Losing and winning are common in the game. But in sports, they are taught to be able to appreciate losing and winning with sportsmanship. They can shake hands with their opponents, no matter what the outcome of the match. When they grow up, this sportsmanship will carry over and make them respect their friends more and try to do the best and sportsmanship.

8. Improve Brain Quality

When a child is running, the brain will produce creative solutions to the problems you are facing. This can happen because of oxygen intake which helps the central nervous system, including the brain, function more actively.

9. Fun

In addition to health, exercise is also a fun activity to do. Teamwork, cheering for friends, hugging when they succeed in doing something, and others will make children commit to sports in the long run. Beyond boring class hours, sports are a child’s time to play and have fun with friends.

10. For Health and Fitness

Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control confirm the possibility of obesity among American children, which can lead to diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to combat obesity in children and also maintain their health and fitness.

We begin as parents take time, take our children, go out on holidays such as playgrounds, city parks, other public facilities for sports.

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