In an effort to protect themselves from being exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus which is the cause of COVID-19, many people are flocking to buy vitamin C, vitamin D, and various other additional supplements.

Now there is the latest news circulating, which you may have read also that reportedly taking zinc supplements can help to protect ourselves from corona virus attacks. Is that right?

Zinc supplements alone have been popular, many have been praised for years because they are considered effective in shortening the cold phase where there is indeed data to support this problem.

It is known, there are many randomized controlled trials that show that zinc supplements can inhibit the replication of the common cold virus. Therefore, it is considered effective in reducing the average duration of a common cold.

However, for the corona virus that causes COVID-19 itself, as reported by Foxnews Thursday, Dr. Manny Alvarez explained that clear zinc was not proven to kill the common cold virus.

Therefore, Dr. Manny suggests that related to the corona virus pandemic as we have to be careful in thinking or drawing conclusions that zinc supplementation, has the potential to be a drug or an antidote that is being sought.

Called further, taking zinc supplements themselves are in fact not without side effects! If you consume too much zinc, there are some potential side effects, ranging from simple ones such as nausea, to those that are already severe, for example, can damage the sense of smell.

Therefore, if you consider taking zinc supplements as a routine daily consumption, it is advisable to consult with your doctor first.

Currently, the most important steps that can be taken to protect yourself from the corona virus are to maintain physical distance, undergo independent quarantine at home, not roam or travel to crowded places that are not necessary, wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap, and do not touch the face, mouth and nose.


taking 2 tablespoon of tonic water and zinc vitamin

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