Wondering why you’re not getting the desired results you were hoping for at the gym? If you believe in astrology and horoscopes, then you’ll believe that astrology plays a huge role when it comes to your gym habits. There is a routine that matches every personality. When a zodiac sign rules certain parts of the body, you want to avoid activities that could potentially harm that body parts.

Read on to find out which is the best workout for your zodiac sign!

Best Workout for Aries

Working out comes naturally to Aries, since it boosts their mood and reduces stress. Aries people are ambitious and super competitive individuals who love to win. They love competitive sports, so the most suitable activities for them are tennis, spinning, soccer and weightlifting. Although they are competitive, they should avoid anything that leads to high blood pressure and potential headaches.

Best Workout for Taurus

Taureans are more materialistic than the other zodiac signs, which is why their appearance is so important to them. They are reliable people, so they tend to stick to their gym schedules. They are patient and will continue working hard in order to achieve their goals. However, they don’t like training hard, so the best physical exercise for them are simple stretching and strength training. Yoga, light jogging, tennis and dancing are also good workouts for the Taureans.

Best Workout for Gemini

Geminis are usually social people, so you can find them chatting up with others at the gym. They see the gym as a great place to meet people. They need to avoid boredom, so they are unlikely to stick with anything that isn’t mentally stimulating. Geminis should avoid overtraining because their lungs are very sensitive. Group exercises, yoga, dancing and gymnastics are good choices for Geminis. Their best workout involves good music and company.

Best Workout for Cancer

Cancers love water sports and tend to shy away from crowded spaces. They are not very patient, so if they don’t see the desired results immediately, they will become discouraged. Many Cancers have problems with motivation, so they need a personal trainer that will push them forward. Walking the dog is a good exercise for them, as well as abdominal exercises, because they tend to gain weight around the midsection. All sports and exercise are suitable to Cancerians, as long as there is someone to motivate them.

Best Workout for Leo

Leos are usually self-absorbed and self-centered, so they love hitting the gym. People born under the Leo astrology sign also love sports and exercising in public. Regular exercise is good for their circulation, but they should avoid overdoing it, especially on their upper back. Leos are prone to heart attack, so jogging and walking in fresh air can be great for strengthening their circulatory system. Activities like dancing and pilates are also good for Leos.

Best Workout for Virgo

Virgos are planner and perfectionists, so they may end up hitting the gym a little too often. They are self-aware, so if they believe they are overweight, they won’t rest until they lose weight. Virgos like to stay fit, so activities like yoga, pilates, football or cycling are great for them. They are usually very strong, so endurance sports also work well for them.

Best Workout for Libra

Libras will spend their lives seeking balance, which means that they are frequent gym goers. They should focus on gentle and organized fitness options. Libras should avoid heavy lifting or anything that could cause stress to their lower back. Suitable activities for them are low-impact cardio, stretching, golf and ice-skating. They are prone to tiredness and fatigue, so they need to stay motivated during exercising.

Best Workout for Scorpio

Scorpios are typically competitive and very committed, so they are driven when it comes to exercising. They believe they know best when it comes to themselves, so they would never seek the help of a personal trainer. They possess strength and endurance, so they need physically challenging and intense activities. They are prone to torn ligaments and stress-induced injuries. Suitable activities for them are boxing, martial arts, distance running and water rafting.

Best Workout for Sagittarius

Sagittarians have no problems seeking the help and guidance of another person. They focus on the big picture rather than immediate results. These people need plenty of exercise and they love outdoor activities. Sagittarians usually have strong legs, so activities like biking and skiing are great options. They are prone to accidents, so they should be careful when doing extreme sports.

Best Workout for Capricorn

Capricorns are very ambitious and disciplined, so often their gym schedules are more of a routine. They are practical and patient, which means they don’t expect immediate results. The sign of Capricorn governs the bones and joints, which means that these people need to move regularly to avoid feeling stiff. Walking, jogging, cycling, hiking and rock climbing appeal to Capricorns.

Best Workout for Aquarius

If Aquarians are not satisfied with their appearance, be sure that these people will do whatever they can to change that. They like extreme sports and skydiving, but dancing is also suitable for people born under this sign.

Training for long-distance running is also a good idea since they will be out there on their own. They should avoid routine because they will get bored quickly. In order to improve their circulation, they need to try activities like swimming or running.

Best Workout for Pisces

Pisceans are very spontaneous and moody individuals, so their gym habits are more inconstant than habitual. They love to work out, but if they feel depressed, they either hit the gym hard or ignore it completely. Pisceans should avoid strenuous activities, but should definitely try dancing and yoga. They are prone to foot problems, so water sports like surfing or swimming are ideal for them.

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