Many things we think we know about diet are not true, so we don’t get the desired effects. It’s fact that dieting is a money industry that grows each year, that’s why millions of people have great intentions, but because diets don’t work – they fail. The scientists have pointed a few main rules of the diet.

Diets that don’t work

Skip the breakfast if you want

One of the most common diet mistakes is that the breakfast should not be skipped. It is true that no meal is not the most important. The most important things is to bring as many calories as needed by the body during the day.

It’s alright if your dinner is plentiful

This is also one of the biggest diet mistakes, but several different research came to the same conclusion: the time at which you eat doesn’t matter at all. You can get fat if you eat late at night, it will only happen if you eat too much at night.

The number of meals doesn’t affect the metabolism

It’s recommended to eat several smaller meals during the day. But French researchers came to a conclusion that such a diet doesn’t give better results.

Consume carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are considered for a very long time as the main culprit for obesity. However, if you turn them off completely, hormones that regulate weight loss can disturb, and thus harder to lose weight.

Exercise on an empty stomach

It’s important to eat before exercising, but “before” doesn’t mean “just before”, because it will become difficult to exercise, and on the other hand, the nutrients will not reach the muscles fast.

Proteins always

If you’re healthy, you can consume as much protein as you want without danger to your health. Proteins affect good on the metabolism.

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