Tea is next to the water, one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Two types are separating from the others: black and green tea, which have become a popular drink in the 90s. The black tea is consumed mainly in the western and some Asian countries, while the green tea is consumed mostly in China, Japan and India. The homeland of the green tea is actually in China. In fact, the Chinese invented the ritual of drinking tea, but this tradition is better preserved in Japan, where the ritual of tea has been brought to perfection.

“Don’t spend a single day without tea!”

How important of the Chinese culture the green tea is demonstrated by the adage that says: “Don’t spend a single day without tea”. The Chinese say that it is easier to spend three days without bread, than one day without tea. On the other hand, the Japanese believe their long life is because of drinking green tea. Exact information about the origin of green tea has been lost in ancient history, but the legend remains. Chinese leader and a medical expert Sheng Nong boiled water under a tree, when the pot accidentally pinched a few leaves of green tea. As Nong loved to experiment with herbs, he noted that because of the green leaves they feel more vital and then began to recommend this tea to others. The legend is created and passed down from generation to generation.

Green tea originates from the evergreen shrub Camellia sinensis (Latin word), from which also prepares black tea. Green and black tea differ in the way of preparation and processing of the leaves, and technological production. Chinese say that the vintage of tea must be done on a schedule, otherwise the tea is nothing but weeds. According to Japanese tradition, the green tea should be processed under steam immediately after the vintage, while according to the Chinese tradition it should be fried because in this way we prevent from oxidative changes in the leaves. After the heat treatment, the green tea leaves are dried, and then scales and packs for distribution.

How to properly prepare green tea?

You should always buy fresh and sealed green tea, because in contact with oxygen it loses its flavor. When preparing green tea you need hot, not boiling water. High-quality Japanese teas are prepared at temperature between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius. Excessive temperature will burn the tea and give it a bitter taste. Therefore, it is best to wait for the boiled water to cool a bit, and then insert the green tea in. For one cup of tea 5 grams of green tea is enough, or one filter bag. Green tea in hot water should be placed only a minute or two, otherwise it will be bitter. Given that the green tea shouldn’t be too sweet, it is best to add a little honey or lemon in it.

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