Did you know that a man on average walks about 185,000 kilometers in his lifetime? So, do not neglect your feet, because they need proper foot care as any other part of our body. Here are some foot care tips that will help you to have beautiful and healthy feet!

The importance of healthy feet

Walk barefoot

Studies have shown that walking without shoes, maintain foot muscles, allows the bones and ligaments in feet to take a natural position and maintain good and proper posture. Walk barefoot whenever you can, especially in your home.

However if you suffer from diabetes, be careful before you take off your shoes because every injury can be a health risk, because the wounds of diabetic patients heal more slowly.

Socks made of natural fibers

Wear socks that are made of natural fibers, such as cotton because on that way your feet will be able to sweat normally and you will prevent the development of athlete’s foot and a variety of other ailments. These socks are much more comfortable to the skin, so it is worth to invest a little more money in better socks in order to have healthy feet.

Foot massage

All that encourages circulation is good, especially the massage. Foot massage will stimulate circulation in the feet and will relax them. Scientists have proven that a foot massage acts good on all parts of the body because in the feet there are nerves for many parts of the body, such as the kidneys or the liver.

Just take a body lotion or some essential oil, make yourself comfortable and massage your feet in a way that suits you.

Remove rough skin

Hard and rough skin on the feet is not only an aesthetic problem. Specifically, it can reduce sensitivity in the feet and this may cause injuries. There are various ways to remove rough skin from the feet, and the most popular is the pumice stone.

Soak your feet in warm water and remove the rough part of your skin with a pumice stone. Exfoliate your feet to remove dead skin cells. The simplest recipe for homemade piling is a combination of polenta and yogurt. After exfoliating, apply lotion to your feet to hydrate them.

Comfortable shoes

To make your feet feel comfortable, invest in high-quality and comfortable shoes. Remember that it is better to have quality shoes than an expensive shirt. Choose shoes that will support the entire foot, including the ankle. Avoid wearing uncomfortable high heels. You can look just as good in shoes with low heels. Your feet and spine will thank you.

Nail care

According to experts, there is a special way on which you should clip your toenails to avoid ingrown nails and pain.

First clip the big toenail and then with a file remove the edges that can cause pain. It’s important not to exaggerate and to clip your nails just so they do not exceed the edge of the finger. All nails do not grow with the same speed, but researches showed that toenails should be cut on average once a month.

Dry your feet well

Sweat and moisture that accumulates between the toes can cause a variety of infections. The best way to prevent this, is to wash your feet well and then dry them even better.

Use creams

If you want to walk barefoot, you will wish that your feet look beautiful. A foot massage is a great choice, especially if you use a moisturizer with it. Once the massage is done, wear cotton socks that will absorb excess oil and your feet will look very pretty and soft in the morning.

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