There is a group of people who are most susceptible to contracting the corona virus (COVID-19). This group of people falls into three categories.

1. First, the group of people who are in close contact (closed contact). According to the University of Indonesia Epidemiology expert, Syahrizal Syarif, close contacts include people who live in pairs or one house.

“Closed contact is a person who lives a partner, a partner from a confirmed case (COVID-19). Or a person who lives in a house with a suspect or has symptoms of COVID-19,” Syahrizal explained during a press conference at the Indonesian Society of Health Experts Association Building ( IAKMI), Microbiology Complex, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Tuesday (3/3/2020).

Medical personnel who treat suspected and positive COVID-19 patients also include close contact. They come into direct contact with patients.

“For medical personnel, they are in close contact. They repeatedly examine patients. Measuring blood pressure, body temperature, and so on. There are contact contacts,” continued Syahrizal.

Social and Area Contact

2. Second, groups of people who enter social contact. Social contact means, people who are in one social group. As is the case for two patients from Depok, West Java who were positive for the corona virus.

“People who are in a dance club should also be examined and monitored. It should be explored whether people in the dance club experience COVID-19 symptoms that are similar to flu, fever and shortness of breath,” Syahrizal explained.

Syahrizal also gave an example, the case of people infected with COVID-19 in South Korea.

“One person infected with corona can then pass on to all members of the church community. Social contact can also be from recitation members,” he explained.

3. Third, contact area is seen from people who are in one area confirmed COVID-19. For example, the area confirmed by Sukmajaya Kelurahan. There, anyone who is in the area will be traced, from security guards to food or beverage vendors.

“In that area, there is a vegetable and security worker. I think it can be traced, moreover there is a night watchman. The case of a patient from Depok, if I’m not mistaken, there is a neighbor who visits when he (the person concerned) is sick,” Syahrizal continued.

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