The modern man is burdened with work, and so he is in eternal hurry. His life is under constant stress, which can lead to various physical and mental disorders. Life can’t be changed, but you can use variety of mechanisms for its improvement. One of them is Ramadan fast, during which the faithful abstain from eating and drinking. With fast, not only the body, but and your soul heals, it enhances the rationality of the mind, strengthens the willpower and improves your patience. Fast teaches us how to achieve inner balance and peace.

The spirituality of fasting

Healthy lifestyle

During the fast of people there is often a fight with themselves. Thanks to the power of their will, the person who fast suffers hunger while his delicious meal is in front of him, suffers thirst while a glass of cold water is in front of him. Despite that those who fast are not irritable, nervous, tense, because fast calms the nerves, reduces anxiety and tension, and brings a good mood and mental satisfaction, which is scientifically proven. Every being on Earth can starve, but only people can fast with soul, body, heart and mind.

If the fast teaches us how to overcome ourselves, tomorrow we will easily overcome the enemy. Besides food and drink, fasting refrains many bad habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, large amounts of coffee and tea, and intoxicants. A hungry person doesn’t cares about the others, refrains from envy, lying, gossiping, forging enemy plans, falset oath. During fast the normal sleep patterns, physical activity and nutrition suffer changes, as it leads to establishment of a healthy lifestyle.

Values of fasting

Besides physical and spiritual, the fast has a social aspect. Love, compassion, charity and forgiveness are the feelings that the fast produces. During fast even the hardest hearts will soften. So, fasting is a chance to remember the sick, poor and hungry people and to help them, and here is where we see the values of fasting. When it finally comes time to eat, those who were fasting will extremely appreciate the offered food and drink, to which under normal circumstances wouldn’t have paid so much attention. In the world 25 people die of starvation every minute, and at the same time, which is an absurd, 12 tons of food is being dropped every day.

Cleanliness of body and soul

Fasting is important because during it people question all their actions and deeds, working on improving their interpersonal relationships and strengthen their connections with their family, neighbors, friends. In the end of fasting they feel clean, mentally and physically regeneration, and willingness to battle all the problems of life.

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