The Taco Cleanse Is a Real Diet — and Involves Eating Tacos All Day


It’s that time of the year where we make new plans and we try new diets.

Well, there is a new popular diet plan called “taco cleanse”.

According to the popular “taco scientists” and authors of “The Taco Cleanse”, taco cleanse is the real deal.

The “taco scientists” team consists of Stephanie Bogdanich, Wes Allison, Jessica Morris and Molly R. Frisinger.

They ate tacos and only tacos for 30 days straight and are encouraging everyone to try the diet.

The scientists are providing all the necessities in order to follow the  taco-based lifestyle including five recipes for tortillas and 35 vegan recipes for fillings.

The good thing about taco cleanse is that there are no restrictions when it comes to drinks and beverages.

However, this diet doesn’t promise any progress in weight loss, it does promise various health benefits for your overall health.

Tacos are made of various foods that bring various health benefits and most importantly it can help cleanse our body from harmful toxins.

According to the scientists, taco consumed in the first 3 hours after waking up or so-called ‘breakfast taco’ helped neutralize the ill effects of the previous night’s toxic indulgence. The midday taco frequently resulted in more positive physical effects. Spicy taco consumed prior to sleep stimulates the nocturnal imagination and helps with getting a better sleep.

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