With all the processed “quick and easy” foods, genetically modified foods and fast foods we put our bodies through a lot and this leads to cancer, obesity and heart disease.

With the unhealthy diet we are consuming so called junk food and while doing so, there are good chances that we are consuming mostly acidic foods. With elevated consumption of acidic foods, the pH levels in our body also get altered. Drastic change in pH level can cause many health issues by affecting our immune system, leaving us more prone to diseases and increase cancer risk.

Alkalizing Foods

Most people don’t really know about the dangers from pH imbalance. To help you control your pH levels we are giving you a list of 27 alkalizing foods. Not only it will bring back your pH levels to normal, but it will contribute to your overall well-being and reduce your risk of developing cancer.

Top 5 alkalizing food

Swiss Chard – Swiss chard is a great alkaline food that also has anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties and can help you neutralize free radicals.
Melon – With a pH level of 8.5, melons are super alkaline. Watermelon is especially good due to the high levels of fiber and the fact that 92% of the melon is water content.
Buckwheat – Buckwheat is a great place to start! It is a good energy booster and can help prevent cardiovascular diseases.
Olive Oil – Olive oil is a rich source of Vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids.
Flax Seed – Flax seeds are a rich source of Vitamin E and fiber and also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Other Alkaline Foods

Avocado – Rich in mono-unsaturated fats and can contribute to a healthy heart.
Bananas – Bananas are a super-food with numerous health benefits.
Berries – High in antioxidants.
Carrots – Carrots contain beta-carotene, a compound that will improve your eyesight.
Garlic – Has the power to regulate blood pressure.
Broccoli – Steamed broccoli can help you regulate cholesterol levels.
Grapes – High in multivitamins and antioxidants, grapes will help you lower your blood pressure.
Pineapple – Great addition to weight loss diets.
Alfalfa Sprouts – Easy to digest and rich in enzymes to keep your hormones balanced.
Lemons – One of the most alkalizing foods with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties.
Brussels Sprouts – Cancer prevention.
Sauerkraut – Fermented foods add probiotics to your diet.
Cauliflower – A healthy substitute for bread.
Grapefruit – Good source of vitamin A and C.
Seaweeds –Rich source of iron and also can help reduce acid.
Quinoa – Can help regulate blood sugar levels.
Cucumber – Extremely helpful for healthy skin.
Parsley – Can help the intestines and ease digestion.
Mango – Great for cleansing the colon.
Spinach – The ultimate, vitamin-packed vegetable.
Oranges – Great for fighting the cold.
Papaya – A natural laxative to keep your colon clean.

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