During winter time, some vegetables are pretty hard to get. Buying frozen vegetables becomes something of a convenience. The upside of buying frozen veggies is that they are pretty cheap and don’t go bad quickly.

However, many people ask themselves if these frozen veggies are as nutritious as the fresh ones.

Well, you have nothing to worry about.

  • Several large researches were performed on this topic and the findings are liberating.
  • Frozen vegetables and/or canned are as nutritious as the fresh ones.

Amounts of minerals, vitamins, fiber and other nutrients were compared and while there is some variability depending on how the frozen vegetables were processed; the nutrients were similar in the comparison on fresh to frozen/processed vegetables.— high heat can degrade some nutrients, for example — the authors concluded that “nutrients are generally similar in comparable fresh and processed products.”

Some pointers to watch out are products processed with high heat which can degrade some nutrients and you should also watch out for added sodium or sugars in frozen or canned vegetables. The daily recommended sodium limit for adults is 2,300mg, and most Americans are over that guideline.

You should always check the labels to see what you are buying and, more importantly, what are you consuming. Experimentally we checked few cans and we noticed that the canned corn listed “corn, water, and salt,” as ingredients.

This means that the canned corn now contains 144mg of sodium in a 90-gram serving, compared to 0 mg of sodium for the same amount of frozen corn and 10 mg for the fresh corn. Eating it from the can means that half a cup of corn would account for over 6% of your daily sodium limit.

The sodium numbers can vary depending on the brand. There’s usually a “low-sodium” or “no sodium” option that you should be looking for.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be worried about frozen vegetables being less nutritious than fresh ones.

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