The COVID-19 pandemic made everyone in the world, including the Indonesian people competing to wear health masks to cover their mouths and noses as part of the most basic PPE (personal protective equipment).

Regarding the use of this protective mask, but do we really understand the procedure for wearing the mask, removing and removing the mask after it is used?

Indeed, this protective mask can not be used haphazardly. Through its official website, the World Health Organization, WHO describes the procedures for wearing, removing and removing protective masks.

First for use, bearing in mind that masks are so rare now, these masks should only be worn by medical staff ranging from doctors, nurses, patient caregivers, hospital administration officers, to ambulance drivers. For non-medical individuals, masks are only used by people who are sick in the respiratory system, for example, coughing and fever.

To wear a mask, make sure before touching the mask we must clean your hands first with water and soap or water based alcohol. Only after that, take a mask and check if there are parts of the mask that are torn or hollow.

Then attach the mask with the part where the metal strip is at the top, and make sure the side of the colored mask is facing outwards. This is the right position to use a mask.

After the mask is worn on the face, glue the pinch strips to the metal strip or the rigid edges of the mask so that it forms in the shape of the nose’s curve. Pull the bottom side of the mask so that it covers the mouth and chin.

Once done, remove the mask from the face and remove the elastic loop from the back of the ear while keeping the mask as far away from the face and clothing as possible. This aims to avoid touching the surface of the mask which is potentially contaminated. Immediately throw the mask in the trash, as soon as it is used.

Finally, after touching or disposing of the mask we must immediately wash hands. If your hands look dirty, wash immediately with running water and soap. If you can’t find water and soap, clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Thus stated WHO.

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