There aren’t definitive information stating which massage chair is better in easing your back pain. In addition, there isn’t standard level of price for massage chairs. Their prices tend to range from 800 to even 4000 dollars. Even though a higher price generally correlates with higher level of quality, when it comes to massage chairs this isn’t always a case. Recently new lines of similar, or even better models of massage chairs emerged at significantly lower prices than previous models.

As with many comfort-related massage chairs for sale on the market your final decision should rest primarily on your options. It’s advisable to test the various styles and brands of Massage Chairs For Sale available on the market.

In addition, here are some general tips to follow on selecting the best massage chair for your needs.

Basic comfort

If it’s possible, sit down on the massage chair and feel it. Some chairs may have contour or shape that are much appropriate for particular person’s needs.

Strength of massage

Make sure that the strength of the massage is right for your needs. For a different type of massage, look for a massage chairs that offer strong movements and highly protruded components. Those who want a less intense and more point-specific massage may look for massage chair with small nodes and rollers and softer movements.

Presets and adjustability

Take your time and experiment with the preset programs of the massage chairs. Some of them may have a preset that is specific to a problem with your back. Other massage chairs may offer much greater variability than others. A chair with a wide range of adjustability may prove beneficial when buying one chair for multiple users.


Certain chairs will come with a leg-rest or a separate ottoman that extends out and in of the massage chair. Certain positions may be more comfortable for some back conditions, for example, for some people with spinal stenosis, sitting in a reclining position with the raised legs may be more comfortable. Some models of massage chairs have a leg-rest that has its own vibration or massage capabilities.

Appearance of chair

Massage chairs come in different shapes and sizes. Some are made with polished wood and leather, plastic and synthetic leather, or other combinations of materials and fabrics. Although your final decision shouldn’t rely only on appearance, this may be also important factor when purchasing massage chair.

Price range

As we mentioned above, massage chair is quite expensive device. Price should always be vital factor before make you final decision. Before making an order take a good research because there are many stores and online retailers that often provide massage chairs for sale with discounts.

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