The transformation of singer Adele’s body is horrendous to the public. Photos uploaded on his Instagram account on Tuesday (5/5/2020) show changes in body shape that is much slimmer than before.

It was later found out that Adele was running a weight-loss program with a strict diet and exercising. One of her close friends leaked the secret of Adele’s appearance now due to her diligent exercise. In fact, he does sports three times a week.

“He took part in a 60-minute exercise session involving cardio, circuit training and Pilates,” said the closest person to Adele, quoted from US Weekly.

Interested in following in the footsteps of Adele’s transformation? Wait a minute, sports health practitioners from Slim and Health Sports Therapy, Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO, gave a number of notes. One of them, needs strong motivation.

“If Adele does it successfully, it does not mean it can be used by others, because of different motivations,” said Dr. Michael when contacted by AFP on Thursday (05/07/2020).

In addition to strong motivation, it also requires strong stamina. The sports program that Adele runs to produce amazing transformation is certainly not easy.

“If Adele does that it must be much heavier than she should, because she needs to burn a lot of calories. At the same time she eats as little as possible,” he continued.

Even so, he did not recommend the sport ‘ala Adele’ is followed by people today. Because according to him sports in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic and the month of Ramadan should only with mild and moderate intensity. Sports with heavy intensity like this will actually reduce the level of body immunity.

“No, the first exercise Adele might only be suitable for Adele, it does not mean I say it is not suitable for others. Then if it is done also the intensity may be heavy. If it is heavy, it is not suitable to be done in this fasting month especially during COVID,” he concluded.

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