Sex Change Can Help Some People Or It Will Copmletely Mess Them Up

by Dave Stivensen | November 24, 2017 3:01 am

Sex change surgery has become a great opportunity for many confused people. Meanwhile medical corporations have found a new business model on how to maximize profit by selling their services. Great majority of humans with XY chromosomes are men and those with XX chromosomes women. Unlike the medical corporate elite, for a very small number of people, things aren’t that simple.

The members of this group of people, might have know themselves to be male. Many people clearly men, think of themselves to be female, even if they’re too young to know what sex change surgery means or even how much it costs.

More Confused Sex Change People

A growing number of children and adolescents are coming out as transgender. However, Britain’s Gender Identity Development Service, have increased from 94 to 1,986 over the past seven years. The picture is similar in America. Now you should ask yourself if you should undertake a sex change surgery? Yes you should, why not butchering your healthy body!

Furthermore the country’s first gender-identity clinic for children and adolescents opened in Boston in 2007; by 2015, there were over 50 such clinics in North America. Their patients belong to the first generation of children and teenagers who are altering their bodies to fit their gender.

Great Business Opportunity

Lastly, this idea infected the public via the pages of some academic journals and as a result, today everybody has a sex change in their neighborhood. This issue and transitioning became a subject of general debate,I meand hello!? This whole thing has been jacked up by the medical corporate partisans who make profit by offering sex change surgery.

At the end it’s all a huge mess, on one side are trans activists corporations and their progressive allies, who make profit out of these poor confused people.

Mustering uneasily nearby is a group of feminists, some of whom do not think that men can ever truly become women.


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