Until now, the world’s medical experts have not found a drug that is proven effective and safe for curing corona virus (COVID-19).

As an alternative, drugs that can be used now are those that can reduce the general symptoms of COVID-19, namely fever, joint pain, dry cough, and / or shortness of breath.

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Indonesia said that there are several types of drugs that can be consumed by corona positive patients. Following Okay zone summarize the review, Sunday.

Symptoms reliever


As mentioned earlier, one of the common symptoms of COVID-19 is high fever. Therefore, it is recommended for patients to take fever-lowering and anti-mild pain substitutes. So far, paracetamol (acetaminophen) is known to be safe to use.


If you experience symptoms of dry cough and other respiratory problems, you can take over-the-counter cough medicines or natural medicines like honey and lime. In addition, you can also gargle with salt. If the cough is dry and sustainable, you can consume cough relievers that are sold freely according to the rules of use on the label.

Alternative medicine

Drugs or other supportive therapy is to drink more to avoid dehydration. Use commercially available NACI Spray (saline nasal spray) to reduce nasal congestion.

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