So far, doctors are leading the fight against Corona Virus (COVID-19), but US Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says there are other heroes who fight this virus, namely workers in the food industry. Evidently, they still have to work even though there is a lockdown.

The US Minister of Agriculture also praised all of them. So far, Perdue assesses farmers to workers in supermarkets do not get the appropriate appreciation despite serving food for the people.

“To those of you who work stocking food shelves, people who drive trucks to deliver food to us, people who process food, and people who produce food, and to all vendors who supply our farmers to produce food , be it with fertilizer or food or seeds or other input: I am very grateful for what you are doing, “said the US Minister of Agriculture via Twitter video, Saturday (3/21/2020).

Minister Perdue said that not everyone can work from home. In many countries, employees where food vendors still have to be open even though employees in many other sectors may work at home.

The supermarket workers still have to serve many buyers who invaded the supermarket when panic buying occurred. Automatically employees also run the risk, because COVID-19 can be infected at close range.

“You have work that cannot be done remotely, and we know that. We have a Food Safety Inspection officer on the front line who works around the clock to ensure food is as usual as usual. But you are true heroes in this endeavor,” the US Secretary of Agriculture said.

He also encouraged the workers in the United States food distribution chain, both those who package food to the cashier. Secretary Perdue said the US people relied on the workers.

“I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because you keep working all the time. You know that America relies on you if we want to get food to feed our families, you are the one who made that happen,” Perdue said.

At present, the states of California and New York carry out a lockdown policy against COVID-19. Various businesses may not open, but businesses such as food shopping, banks, and laundry are still open because they are considered essential.

New York Lockdown

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, officially ordered a lockdown in his area. All non-essential local businesses are asked to close temporarily if they don’t want to be fined.

This policy starts on Sunday, March 22, 2020, at 20:00. The security forces have also been prepared to maintain order.

Cases of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) in New York have reached more than five thousand people, and 242 people have died. Inevitably this has an impact on New York City which is the center of finance and art in the United States.

“I want to say to the people of New York (that) I did everything we could,” Governor Cuomo was quoted as saying by the New York Post. “And if everything we do saves one real, I will be happy,” he said.

The lockdown effect in New York is an order for non-essential government employees and private employees to work from home. Outdoor activities, such as team sports, are also prohibited.

Non-essential businesses must be closed. If the business stays open or has employees work during lockdown, then the government will be fined.

There are businesses that still have to open, namely shopping, drug stores, laundry, and gas stations. Restaurants that provide take-out and delivery services may still be open.

Transportation services such as subway are still open.

Governor Cuomo promised to keep the rights of his people, but they must remember that the situation was serious. Previously, the state of California also implemented a lockdown due to COVID-19.

US President Donald Trump supports the lockdown taken by the two states.

“They are taking firm steps and I support them,” Trump said at the White House.

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