Some couples like to try new things in love, in order to maintain harmony. S3x is not only on the bed you know, s3x can also be done anywhere as long as it keeps the realm of privacy.

Many couples also have s3x in the bathroom, for reasons of a new atmosphere, usually under the shower shower, bathtub and others. This is called shower s3x.

Although it looks very tempting, but making love in the bathroom is not too advisable, this is because it has a dangerous risk level not only technically, such as slippery floors, but also has non-technical risks such as venereal disease.

According to Karen Elizabeth Boyle, Md, FACS, a urology specialist from the United States, she revealed the danger of having s3x in the bathroom. Quoted from Woman’s Health At least the dangers of s3x in the bathroom include:

Natural lubricants will disappear

Mistaken views for couples who have s3x in the bathroom one of which is, water will make penetration easier and more enjoyable, but this is wrong. Water is indeed a harmless substance, but water can wash away the natural lubricant produced by Miss V. Water is also invisible so it will cause pain during lovemaking. So, before having s3x in the bathroom, use lubricants to prevent dryness in Miss V. Choose lubricants that are based on silicon so as not to dissolve in water in the bathtub or shower.

Fell or slipped

Technically dangerous, of course if you have s3x in the bathroom there is a risk of injury. Bathroom floor and bathub are slippery places so you need to pay attention before deciding to have s3x in the bathroom.

Transmission of germs

The bathroom is a perfect place for bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause disease to multiply. Microorganisms can be lodged in the bathroom floor, faucets, water tubs, drains, toothbrushes, or towels. Therefore, before having s3x in the bathroom, do not forget to first clean every surface of the bathroom with soap and disinfectant.

Not only when you want to make love in the bathroom, cleaning the bathroom also needs to be done routinely and thoroughly at least once a week. For small items, such as taps and drains, you can clean them with an old toothbrush.

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