Vegan Food Diet Can Change Our Health

Can you imagine, what will happen, if everyone changes their diet to vegan food? The main idea of this research is how to stop health change on a national level. There will be huge side-affects on the populations health if we all change our diet to vegan food.

vegan diet

vitamin A, vitamin D, B12 and several fatty acids

A major diet conclusion

If everyone turns vegan, a catastrophe would happen.  Here including carbohydrates, magnesium and copper. This means the reserves of some nutrients associated with animals will decrease. Among them calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, B12 and several fatty acids.

Change Their Diet To Vegan Food

If everyone changes their diet to vegan, there are certain nutrients that we can not get by consuming only foods derived from plants. And this speaks of our evolution as omnivorous, “explains Mary Bet Hole of the US Department of Agriculture Research Department.

The study does not dispute the possibility of plant foods meeting a man’s nutritional needs.  Scientists support experts who are urging more to consume fruits and vegetables. If vegan diet will rise to 100% of the population, many people will have problems with their health. This vegan practice will not do well for national public health situation.

vegan diet

Vegan Food Solution

Possible Vegan Food Solution

One of the solutions proposed could be meat raised in laboratories. If the new meat is produced by the cells taken from animals, and grown as a real meat, we will not have the need to kill animals. In this non-animal model, the greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture will decline by 28%.  There is only one weak side of this green idea, and It does not take into account the whole group of greenhouse gases. While not distinguishing the less potent carbon-dioxide from methane produced by animals.

Lastly, people should eat what they really feel. The only hack to for healthy life is not to over eat.


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