People around the world have many different opinions on what causes cancer more quickly. Some believe that it might be the cigarettes containing many different chemicals in them. Others believe that it might be the artificial sweeteners or so-called Trojan horses offered by the food industries by being sweet and tricking the body into consuming them and later causing several issues and even some types of cancer. And there are also the GMO’s pesticides that can kill nearly any living thing that consumes them, including humans.

There is no way of knowing how many GMOs are in our food and beverages. Scientists who modify organism through gene insertion are apt to promote the corresponding pesticides, without regard to whether humans are dying from them or not.

Most foods or drinks that are labeled “light”, “zero”, “diet” or are toxic to humans. They are carcinogenic and cause damage from free radicals, strangulating mitochondria and multiplying uncontrollably. Eventually, the cancerous cells find damaged tissue or an organ to suffocate. Unfortunately, this is the moment when most patients are first diagnosed with cancer, which in that case is fully manifested, and for many, it’s too late. More than 50% of the people who get cancer die from it, and 30% of all Americans get cancer at some point in their life.

What causes cancer more quickly

Everyone around the world is in some hand informed what cigarettes contain and how dangerous they are to our health. Even the manufacturers have in some way acknowledged that by paying out fines for tobacco-related health care costs and using advertisements and warning campaigns for smokers. Furthermore, they were adding ammonia to the manufacturing process and got busted red-handed by a whistleblower in court.There are several known court trials lost by the tobacco manufacturers and historically high amounts of money that were paid off by them. The point is that cigarettes are extremely dangerous for your health and you should stay away from them.
Sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose, and sorbitol)

What causes cancer

For decades, we’ve been consuming foods and drinks containing these “fake sugars” that can be extremely dangerous to our health. Some of the reported issues caused by these sweeteners are anxiety, IBS, muscle pain, arthritis “flare ups”, ringing in the ears and/or fatigue. By cutting out all artificial sweeteners for at least one week will show you that you can live without it and you will start feeling better.

Shocking new research reveals that a GM corn approved in Europe for use in food and (animal) feed, and Roundup (weed killer) used with it, can cause tumors, premature death and organ damage at levels previously claimed by EU regulatory authorities to be perfectly safe.

Bottom point, don’t eat, drink or smoke cancer. Try staying away from soda or diet soda, GMOs and/or cigarettes.

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