If you don’t want your whole effort in exercising and burning calories to be for nothing, after the sport activity you must eat, but it is important what will you put on your plate. Once you refresh yourself with a glass of fresh orange juice or just a glass of water, 2 hours after your workout get some bananas, nuts, dried fruit or pineapple – experts recommend.

The body uses a lot of energy during the exercise. If at least 60-120 minutes after the great physical exertion you don’t insert food in the body, your muscles will not regenerate properly and your whole effort will be waster, experts warn.

Despite very small amount of any food consumed 15 minutes after a workout will reimburse the basic needs of the body, the nutritionists and fitness experts still distinguish several groceries, particularly useful for the body. Eat before or after exercise, or both, how you feel it’s right for your body, although eating after exercise is much more recommended. But what to eat precisely after workout see in addition.

If you have sweated nicely, drink a glass of water first. If that is not enough to turn off your thirst, a fresh orange juice will surely refresh you. Except that you will supply your body with vitamin C, you will give it the required level of potassium. We’re talking about electrolyte, which helps the body to balance the level of liquids.

After hard exercise, a banana with her “good” carbohydrates will restore the reserves of glycogen, which is responsible to “fix” the exhausted muscles. The amount of potassium which this food contains should also not be neglected.

Dried fruits and nuts are a great choice if you are in hurry. A handful, even a smaller amount, will quickly supply your body with protein and carbohydrates. In this category come all fruits: nuts, hazelnuts, raisins, almonds, cashew nut, dried figs, dried apricots, aronia…

For those who want to get rid of the excess pounds, nutritionists often recommend pineapples. The secret of this tropical fruit is the bromelin enzyme, which burns fat, but it is also great for those who exercise, because it’s proven to fight against sore muscles, bruises, sprains and swellings. Therefore, this sweet yellow fruit rich in vitamin C is a key component in regeneration of tissues.

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