We all do this: write messages while we’re walking, surfing on the Internet during the meeting, talking on the mobile phone while we’re cooking etc. Nowadays giving the whole attention to only one thing seems luxurious. There is a great probability that you’re not doing any favors to yourself, your boss, your family or your friends with multitasking. Studies have shown that, besides human multitasking is not efficient, it also harms your health. We bring you the reasons why you’ll be willing to perform only one thing at a time.

Is multitasking bad for you?

Although you mean so, you’re not multitasking

What you call multitasking is actually exchanging activities. When it comes to productivity and attention, the brain is not capable of doing more things at once.

By switching from one activity to another you will not complete anything right. Your attention will be focused on several activities at once, mentally you will tire quickly, concentration level will start to fall, and in the end you will realize that you’ve done nothing as you planed.

Slows down

Contrary to the popular thinking, multitasking doesn’t saves time. It will probably take you more time to complete two projects if you do the both at the same time. In one study it was shown that drivers need more time to reach their desired destination if they are talking on the mobile while driving.

What will really save you some time is focusing on just one action. Remember that each task requires a special mindset.

You’re making more mistakes

  • Experts point out that the exchange of actions can cause even 40% loss of productivity. If you perform multiple actions at the same time the likelihood to make more mistakes is greater and even you won’t even notice at all.
  • A study has shown that the human brain can operate two complicated activities at the same time. If we add a third, productivity gets significantly reduced and the number of mistakes increases.

Increases the stress level

  • When scientists measured the heart rate of the employees, they found out that the heart beats significantly increase while the employees perform two or more activities simultaneously.
  • Except that you won’t do the task properly, studies have shown that on this way you reduce the level of confidence because a repeat failure appears. Lack of self-confidence can easily lead to depression.

You’re not enjoying the life

  • You forget how easy is to simply relax and forget about the worries and problems? Studies have shown that multitasking makes the relaxation harder.
  • In a study of American scientists it was proved that 75% of students who were walking and talking on the mobile at the same time haven’t noticed the unusual actions that the scientists have prepared for them for the research.

Disrupts relations

  • This is a period of life where multitasking is a much bigger problem than most people think. People who fight with the partner every day and prefer multitasking during their meetings, emphasize that they are not satisfied with the relationship and it leads often to break ups.
  • If you’re inclined to do something else while you’re talking with your partner, you will probably undermine the trust in the relationship. It can lead to decreasing the value of the feelings, which is definitely not good for a person, as well as for a relationship.

Causes overeating

  • If your attention is focused on a bunch of other stuff while you’re eating, your brain will not recognize satiety on time and so it easily comes to overeating and obesity, which causes numerous health problems.
  • Experts say that during each meal you should attention be directed to the meal alone. Forget on TV, newspapers or mobile phone. Eat slowly and enjoy the food and feel when your body says enough.

Reduces the level of creativity

  • Multitasking requires a lot of “working memory”. When working memory of our brain is fully utilized, there is a reduction in the level of creativity.
  • Doing multiple activities at the same time can reduce our ability to creative problem solving. People who practice multitasking rarely get fat and are less spontaneous.

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