In breaking the chain of the spread of the COVID-19 corona virus, the community is expected to play an active role in implementing Physical Distancing. What is Physical Distancing? Why is it important?

Physical Distancing is maintaining a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people and avoiding crowds to prevent transmission of COVID-19 disease. In fact, said Government Spokesperson for Handling COVID-19, Achmad Yurianto, Physical Distancing is one of the keys to breaking the chain of the spread of the COVID-19 corona virus.

“Keeping distance (Physical Distancing) and washing hands are the keys to breaking the chain of distribution of corona. It is important for people to wash their hands before eating, drinking, and touching their faces,” Yuri said at a live streaming press conference at BNPB Graha Building, Jakarta, recently- just this.

Therefore, Physical Distancing Activities are carried out as a health strategy to prevent or slow the spread of the virus. In fact, Physical Distancing has become a new norm in life after the emergence of various diseases such as corona now. In addition, Physical Distancing for people who have been infected by the virus is also done by isolating themselves and quarantining themselves for 14 days.

This method is called very important to do now. Because, until now researchers have not found a vaccine to protect the body and a cure for corona virus.

In addition, here is an infographic about why Physical Distancing for 14 days is important, as quoted by the Instagram account @ dit.promkes sourced from the Indonesian Ministry of Health:

  • – 14 days to save thousands of other people’s lives
  • – 14 days able to stop the rate of transmission
  • – Today is the incubation time of the COVID-19 corona virus
  • – Take advantage of your 14 days so as not to become an intermediary for the virus
  • – If someone is infected, dima at home for 14 days can cut the chain of transmission

Stay at home and stay productive inside your own fence. Don’t forget to maintain endurance by:

  • – Eat with balanced nutrition
  • – Routine exercise and adequate rest
  • – Wash hands with soap
  • – Keep the environment clean
  • – Stop smoking
  • – Drink 8 glasses of mineral water / day
  • – Eat perfectly cooked food and do not eat animal meat that has the potential to transmit
  • – If fever and shortness of breath, go to a health facility immediately
  • – Use a mask if you cough or close your mouth with your upper arm inside
  • – Do not forget to pray

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