It has been proved that running and walking have almost same health benefits. Of course it all depends of the intensity of running or walking, age and body weight.

Although the health benefits of walking are numerous, keep in mind that walking is an aerobic exercise with lower intensity compared to running. Therefore, if your goal is to lose excess weight, you should definitely increase the intensity of walking.

You can walk faster, carry dumbbells or weights for leg.

Running, compared to walking, is much more efficient when it comes to weight loss. Studies have shown that running is among the most effective exercises. If you want to stay healthy, you should invest in quality shoes and run in places that are provided for running. But regardless of the same health benefits, there are situations when walking is healthier than running.

Is walking as good a workout as running?

Running can put the immune system under stress

Walking, unlike running doesn’t put the immune system under stress. It has been proved that long distance runners have a higher risk of infections.

Running will not only burn down fat, but and muscle also. This puts the immune system under high levels of stress.

Running can cause osteoarthritis

Running causes big pressure on the joints, knees and hips. Longtime runners frequently have problems with injuries. And while running reduces the risk of various diseases, the injuries of joints, knees and hips increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis.

Walking, unlike running doesn’t put pressure on the knees, hips and ankles, and is also an aerobic exercise which reduces the risk of getting various diseases, as well as in running.

Running in summer can cause a heart attack

With the arrival of the summer the runners have to be very careful. Although and walking in the summer can cause a heart attack, the risk is still much lower and there is a low possibility that it will result with cancellation of certain organs in the body.
Studies have shown that running during the summer heat can cause a failure not to just one organ in the body, but more of them simultaneously.

Running can damage cartilage

Longtime running can cause irreparable damage to cartilage formation. Studies have shown that recovery of cartilage hasn’t been noticed even after 3 months rest after injury.

Running can damage your heart

Scientists have proven that running increases the level of troponin, the main components of the heart muscle. But elevated levels of troponin T, troponin subgroups, indicate an increased risk of damage to the heart and cardiovascular system. They also showed that about 40% of the runners have symptoms of irreversible damage to the heart muscle.

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