When in a love relationship, lovers surely want the relationship to run smooth and lasting. But the fact is that not all relationships can last long.

In fact we can guess a love relationship is able to survive or not in the face of a storm since the beginning of the two people who fall in love start having a relationship.

A study published in the journal Developmental Psychology found a way to determine a love relationship can be durable and long lasting based on the level of happiness of each individual at the start of a love relationship.

Signs of a Loving Relationship

Research written and chaired by psychologist Christine Finn, Ph.D. this involved more than two thousand couples over seven years. He said, there are several determining variables that can be used as a sign of whether a love relationship will last or not. It turns out the results are simple, there are two signs that can be shown.

Couples who before starting a love relationship already have happiness with themselves will be better through a love relationship. Whereas people who start a love relationship are not feeling happy, they will feel increasingly unhappy during a love relationship so that it is easy for them to end the relationship.

(Febi Anindya Kirana / Fimela.com)

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