In order to have a dazzling smile and healthy, white teeth you need to have good hygiene habits and a lot of discipline. But, your teeth are daily faced with enemies such as food, beverages and daily habits which can damage your teeth in a very short time.

Here are 7 of the biggest enemies of your teeth!

1. Tongue piercing

Tongue piercing is considered as a cool fashion accessory by many people, but have you thought about what can do to your teeth? The oral cavity is not intended for metal objects and piercing can damage the teeth enamel and thus lead to cracking of the teeth.

2. White wine

Most people already know that red wine causes discoloration of teeth and leaves yellowish stains but white wine can be much more harmful. White wine is much more acidic so it can damage the surface layer which can cause permanent discoloration of teeth.

3. Lemon sucking

Although lemons are rich sources of minerals and vitamin C – strong acid that erodes teeth enamel can cause excessive teeth sensitivity to heat and cold.

4. Chewing ice cubes

Unlike citric acid that erodes enamel, chewing ice cubes can crack the enamel. Also chewing hard ice has a similar effect on teeth as grinding of teeth.

5. Sports drinks

Drinking sports drinks after a hard workout can be very refreshing for the body, but also very dangerous for your teeth. They also contain acids that cause corrosion of the teeth and promote tooth decay.

6. Medicines

Saliva is a protector of the oral cavity, and medications such as those for depression or high blood pressure contain ingredients that dry mouth and reduce the production of saliva and thus may cause deformation of the oral cavity which can result with damage to the teeth.

7. Pool water

Swimming is a very healthy sport because it stimulates the muscles throughout the body, but the problem lies not in the sport, but the water from the pool, which is full of chemicals. The mixture of various additives that maintain water quality cause acidity of water which can cause damage to the protective enamel.

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