You know you can’t believe everything you hear and read. However, you are not eating yolk for years because someone told your or you read somewhere that it is harmful to health.

We bring you the worst tips for weight loss that you can forget immediately!

Fats make you gain weight

It all depends on the type of fat you take. Fat from chips can increase the levels of cholesterol and the risk of getting various diseases. But, good fats, such as fats from avocado, nuts or salmon will protect your heart and general health. And when you consume them every day, they will significantly reduce the risk of accumulation of excess weight loss and the rush of the existing excess weight.

Snacking makes you gain weight

Frequent smaller snacks are great for weight loss and control of portion sizes. You can always choose healthy snacks that will not cause rapid changes in blood sugar levels throughout the day, and that is what you need to control your appetite better.

A calorie is a calorie and should be counted

Not all calories are the same. The type of calories, the time when you enter and their quality can significantly affect weight loss. For example, 50 calories from apples is not the same as 50 calories from junk calories.

Stop consuming gluten

There is no scientific covered evidence to confirm that gluten makes you gain weight. The problem is that we take too much refined grains such as white bread. If you plan to stop consuming gluten, you must consult with your doctor because lack of gluten can cause difficulty in absorption of important nutritional substances.

You burn more calories if you exercise on an empty stomach

This affects the burning of calories in no way, but it can cause loss of muscle mass, and you encounter that as reduction of body weight. Avoid exercising on an empty stomach. Eat at least some sweet fruits, such as bananas or peaches.

Eat every 2 hours

Excessive distance between meals will slow down your metabolism. More frequent and smaller portions will help you maintain a normal appetite. If you do this, be very careful on the type of food you eat. Studies have shown that many people gain weight after they began to eat 5 or more meals per day because before that they didn’t consult with doctor for healthy diet.

Enter as few calories

When the calorie intake is too low, your body recognizes it as starvation and slows down the metabolism. It would be reasonable to reduce the daily calorie intake by 500 through diet and body exercises. This will result in slow, but the healthiest weight loss of a pound per week.

Don’t eat the yolk

Compared with whites that offer only proteins, yolk contains 100% carotenoids, vitamins A, E, and D, and essential fatty acids. Enjoy them moderately, it’s enough to consume 4-6 yolks per week. If you are still not sure if they are good for you, you should know that the yolk will increase the level of good (HDL) cholesterol.

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