There is a reason why bananas are one of the most popular tropical fruits. Containing three natural sugars – glucose, sucrose and fructose, rich in potassium, fiber and many more healthy nutrients make the banana one of the most healthy fruits.

However, what most people don’t know is that the banana peel is no less important than the fruit!

Below is a list of top 6 uses of banana peels that will convince you to never throw them away.

Teeth whitening

Banana peel is a good tool for teeth whitening. All you have to do is rub the inner surface of your teeth every day for 2 weeks, and soon you will have white teeth without using costly dentist services.

Removing warts from the skin

Banana peels can help you remove warts and prevent from further appearance. Put a piece of banana peel over the warts and secure it with a bandage. Allow it to act overnight and remove it in the morning. Repeat the process until you completely remove the warts.

Treatment of acne and wrinkles

Banana peel is an excellent aid in maintaining your skin’s health. It’s great for the reduction of wrinkles and blemishes from the face. It contains antioxidants and anti-aging properties, moisturizes and nourishes the skin and finally promotes elasticity and suppleness. Simply rub the peel onto your face, especially in the inflamed areas and let it sit for half an hour.

Treatment of psoriasis

Bananas peels cannot completely cure this skin disease, but it can neutralize its symptoms like itching and redness and help speed up the recovery. Rub it on the affected area and leave it on for 10 minutes.


Banana peels can be used as an analgesic. If you are experiencing a severe pain on the body, gently rub a banana peel on the affected area and let it sit for 15 minutes. Soon you will feel relief.

Can help neutralize inflammation from insect bites

If you have an insect bite on the body that is incredibly itchy, try rubbing it the place with a banana peel. They are known to help ease down inflammations from bites.

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