7 Exercises to Eliminate Belly Fat

Reducing belly fat ranks among the top fitness goals worldwide. With the “six-pack” craze becoming pronounced by the day, joining the bandwagon is only normal. 

Besides aiding your body’s aesthetic, eliminating belly fat has certain health benefits. According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), those with widened waistlines are at risk of diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. 

To dispel belly fat, exercise is vital. Although numerous formats exist, not all can eliminate belly fat.

But don’t worry; we’ve done the legwork to uncover seven physical activities that’ll get you washboard abs quickly.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Belly Fat Defined

Belly fat, or abdominal fat, has two unique variations: subcutaneous and visceral belly fat. The latter is soft, highlighting visible jiggles around your belly. 

Conversely, visceral belly fat covers your internal organs, such as your pancreas, kidney, and liver. This belly fat variant isn’t exclusive to overweight individuals; those with a normal body mass index (BMI) can have it.

Losing belly fat has become essential due to its many benefits. A reduced waistline facilitates improved blood vessel function and cholesterol reduction. 

Incorporating the exercises featured in the subsequent segment is critical to shedding belly fat and being healthy.

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7 Exercises to Eliminate Belly Fat

Our experts have uncovered the best seven exercises for belly fat reduction. What’s better? You can execute these physical activities at the gym or at home — your choice!


Notable mentions include:

#1 Burpees

Burpees strengthen your core alongside your triceps, quads, chests, and shoulders. Since Burpees are associated with plyometric movement, they’ll increase your heart rate and, most importantly, help you shed calories. 

How to Do a Burpee

  1. Get into a squat position. Ensure your back’s straight, arms by your sides, and your chest out. 
  2. Once you’re in a deep squat, lower your hands toward the floor to position them inside your feet.
  3. With your hand carrying your body’s weight, kick your feet back to assume a push-up position. 
  4. Maintaining a straight position from your head to heels, do a single push-up that’ll see your chest touch the floor.
  5. Raise your back from the push-up and do a frog kick.
  6. Stand up and place your arms over your head.
  7. Do a quick jump and land in your starting posture.
  8. Upon landing with your knees bent, get into a squat position and perform another rep.

For effective results, conduct 10 burpee reps. 

#2 Plank

The plank is a popular bodyweight exercise denoting a push-up posture for the maximum possible timeline. This exercise eliminates belly fat, targeting the rectus abdominis, glutes, and biceps.

How to Do a Plank

  1. Kneel on a mat.
  2. With your elbows on the mat, extend your right and left legs backward.
  3. Keep your back, hips, and neck straight.
  4. Maintain this position for 30 to 60 seconds. 

Do a minimum of three plank reps tallying this timeline.

#3 Mountain Climbers

Consider mountain climbers if you’d like to get your heart pumping while banishing belly fat. However, you’d need to move quickly to shed calories and work your abdominal muscles effectively. 

How to Do Mountain Climbers

  1. Assume a plank position and maintain a tightened core.
  2. Lift your left knee towards your chest, like you’re reaching for your left elbow. Take it to its earlier position.
  3. Take up your right knee to your chest area. Return it to its starting spot.
  4. Start over. 

With mountain climbs, aspire for repetitions of 10 each for both sides.

#4 Russian Twists

Although Russian twists might seem straightforward, executing this exercise requires core strength. Known for targeting your obliques and abdominal muscles, it’s unsurprising that Russian twists are popular among athletes. 

How to Do Russian Twists

  1. Sit on the floor or mat. Lift both legs and maintain flexed knees. Now, lean back to form a curved structure. 
  2. Once you’ve taken this starting position, twist your upper body to the right. 
  3. Return it to the center, and twist your torso to the left. 
  4. Repeat.

A Russian twist rep involves moving your torso left and right. To eliminate belly fat efficiently, our experts advise executing 20 reps twice or thrice. 

#5 Kettlebell Swings

The kettlebell swing is an exercise that combines core training and cardio. It targets the largest muscles in the body. For those without a kettlebell, don’t fret. You’ll find the perfect substitute in a jar of milk secured tightly or a dumbbell. 

How to Do a Kettlebell Swing

  1. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart.
  2. Place the kettlebell a foot forward from where you’re standing.
  3. With your knees bent and your hips hinged, bend forward to lift the kettlebell.
  4. Afterward, pull the kettlebell back to your spread-out legs to garner momentum.
  5. Swing the kettlebell forwards, keep your hips forward-facing, and squeeze your glutes to maintain a straight posture.

Kettlebell swing beginners should perform 45-second long stints and take a 15-second break after each session. As you get used to this exercise medium, you can go for more extensive timelines.

Young adult fitness woman doing swing exercise with a kettlebell as a part of a fitness workout

#6 Jumping Jacks

One exercise you’ve probably skipped since your last PE class in high school is jumping jacks. This exercise form is straightforward and doable anywhere. The plyometric nature of this workout leaves your heart pumping more, burning excess calories and building your strength.

How to Do Jumping Jacks

  1. Stand with your legs placed together and arms on both sides of your body.
  2. Curve your knees and leap into the air.
  3. When jumping, ensure your arms are v-shaped over your head and legs spread apart by a shoulder width. 
  4. Repeat

Strive for jumping jack reps of 20 to 30 at least twice to banish belly fat and strengthen your core.

#7 Walking on an Incline

It’s no news that walking uphill increases your heart rate and can leave you exhausted. To execute this activity, all you need is a treadmill. Compared to flat surfaces, you burn 50% more calories when you walk on an incline. 

How to Walk on Inclines

  1. Choose your incline. Ensure your treadmill set-up permits you to walk vertically without touching its rails. 
  2. As you walk on the incline, stay vertical and use your glutes as a propelling force. 
  3. When walking forwards, pump your arms and don’t lean back.

When walking on an incline, your steps must be short and fast. Taking overstretched strides might leave you out of breath real quick!

Parting Shot

This guide has delivered the top seven exercises that can exterminate belly fat if applied judiciously and consistently. For quick results, integrate two to four of these exercises into your daily routine.

What’s better? You don’t need to go all out on these workouts. Starting slow, maintaining a positive mindset, and being consistent as time passes can exterminate nagging calories, especially those embedded in your belly.